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Strawberries and a Sandbar - One Epic Weekend

I'm convinced that life on the Outer Banks is the best way to raise a family. We seem to have found this perfect pocket of beautiful beaches meets rustic farmland and I know that I'm not the only one that feels incredibly blessed to live here.

Over the weekend we had incredible weather and managed to sneak in a beach day on Saturday and on Sunday we headed to Point Harbor to pick strawberries. I'm telling you, we've got the best of both worlds here on the Outer Banks!

Strawberry pickin' is $2.99 a pound and they require you to bring your own container to take your berries home. Also, keep in mind that they accept cash only so you'll need to hit the ATM before you head across the bridge. Picking Hours:

Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday-12pm to 4pm

When we arrived we told our kiddos that they weren't allowed to eat any until after we paid and we made sure to remind them not to step on the plants. At 5, Penny is really excited about growing her own garden again this year so she was eager to talk about how hard the farmers work to grow the strawberries. This is her favorite Springtime activity on the Outer Banks so as soon as we heard they were open again for the season, we rushed over!

Lulu on the other hand... she didn't quite understand the rules of "No Eating Until You Pay" and needless to say, we ended up giving an extra $5 to the farmer when we paid to cover her lapse in judgement. ;) You can tell that she sort of tried not to eat them... but the look in her eye quickly changed and we knew it was over.

Who dressed the baby in a white dress to go to the Strawberry Patch? THIS GUY! Lucky he is really, really cute.

I absolutely love this time of year on the Outer Banks. The weather is warming up and so is our busy season and I feel so blessed to be a part of it all!

Don't miss this amazing local treat! It's the perfect family day, charming date spot or place to find a little bit of peace. xo!

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