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Renee Landry - Outer Banks Mom Spotlight

When I first moved to the Outer Banks, I knew that I had arrived in paradise. I knew that it was a beautiful place geographically but I didn’t have any idea of the incredible beauty that was within the community. As the years have gone by, I have made incredible friends that have taught me lessons of love and the value of a community. The Outer Banks is home to some incredible people and I am blown away by the beautiful beach-mamas that I am fortunate to do life with here on the Outer Banks! It is my absolute honor to get to introduce you to a few of them this week in honor of Mother’s Day! Let’s be honest, Mamas really should get a WEEK to celebrate!

First up is the incredible and beautiful Renee Landry! Renee has lived on the Outer Banks for 25 years. After art school, she came to the Outer Banks to stay in her Dad’s cottage in Kill Devil Hills while she looked for a job. Luckily for so many of us, she began her company, Renee Landry Events where she creates unbelievably beautiful florals and designs events that will blow you away! She does all of this while she raises her beautiful daughter, Scout who certainly inherited her work ethic and passion for the arts from her mom!

Renee is open and honest about her success as a designer, “As a single mom working in a bustling wedding industry, I was able to turn my living room into a flower cooler and work out of my kitchen designing. This afforded me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom while growing my design business and raising Scout, so I really had the best of both worlds.”

Like so many of the amazing Outer Banks mamas that I have the privilege to know, Renee works with a smile on her face and spreads her joy all around the sandbar! I love that Renee puts so much value in this beautiful place that she raised her daughter! Scout grew up in a flower shop that was set up in their home watching her mom work hard! Renee notes that raising her daughter here gave her a safe and simple upbringing with the space to explore and try out new ideas. Right now, Scout is exploring and studying in New York City and Renee enjoys getting to be mom in the big city while Scout introduces her to new restaurants and experiences. For me, this is such an amazing example of what the labor of love as a mama to little ones is all about! One day soon we will see them spread their wings and soar with new-found independence!

During a quick break from work you can find Renee picking up a cinnamon burst bagel at Barrier Island Bagels in Southern Shores! Hey Nea Nea, make that two! Cinnamon Burst is the best! :)

When Renee is not busy with motherhood or her business of making wedding dreams come true she is relaxing in her favorite chair or studying Sivananda Yoga from a Trinidadian Guru. Yes! I’m serious! Her best known slogan might be “Follow me to the party” but this mama is always working towards something amazing and that alone encourages me to work harder, believe in myself and love fiercely! With a smile on my face!

To know Renee is to LOVE her! You can check her out on Facebook and Instagram! Happy Mother’s Day!

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