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Heather Sakers - Outer Banks Mom Spotlight

We’re keeping this series rolling with day 3 of our Outer Banks Mom Spotlight! If you don’t already know her, then please allow me to introduce Heather Sakers!

After our home-buying and HGTV experience, I developed a serious obsession with real estate. When I first met Heather Sakers, an incredibly successful Outer Banks real-estate agent, I started asking her questions and I haven’t stopped trying to obtain some of her knowledge since. Heather has been energetically making Outer Banks dreams come true with Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty for 10 years but that doesn’t even begin to explain how incredibly hard she serves the community as a fair and loyal agent to both buyers and sellers. She has even been awarded Agent of the Year for 2 years in a row! Get it girl!

I knew “of” Heather long before I met her because her husband, “Mr. Sakers” is an incredible local teacher and our Joey was lucky enough to have him in the 5th grade. I swear, Mr. Sakers is the reason that Joey willingly picks up books to this day! Hmm.. Maybe we will need to do an Outer Banks Dad’s Spotlight for Father’s Day! :)

Back to Heather: That first day that we officially met was basically the day that I became the President of the Heather Sakers Fan Club! I was sitting on the beach with some mutual friends of ours and Heather was out on a surfboard completely owning the surf that afternoon. As a girl who grew up landlocked, surfing still fascinates me. Watching Heather surf was amazing and when she came jogging out of the water to sit among the group, I introduced myself pretty quickly. We chatted about family, traveling and real-estate, but the way she talked about her husband and kids was what really made me apply for said Presidency!

Heather’s Outer Banks story began in 1993 when she was just 12 years old. While 12 year old Heather wasn’t thrilled to relocate from the big city and the culture in Arlington to a tiny beach town, she now sees the beauty in living on the Outer Banks. With her two precious boys Crew, 7 and Levi, 5 she puts so much value in the slow paced, tight knit community here. Heather states, "My boys get to spend tons of time with all 4 grandparents who live super close to us, which means the world to me and Adam. It also forces us to enjoy the simple things with our kids like family boat and beach days full of fishing, playing in the water, and treasure hunting. It pushes us to spend more time in nature and get creative with family adventures. We still love traveling off our island and exploring new places and cultures, but the Outer Banks really feels like a safe haven for us and we are super thankful for it and our local friends and family here.”

I agree wholeheartedly. Living on the Outer Banks really does feel like a new adventure each day and exploring and learning from our surroundings is something that I truly attempt to work into each day with my kiddos.

Oh, and Heather is the queen of epic adventures both near and far! From taking their boat out and exploring the tiny islands all over the Outer Banks, to incredible surf trips, Heather has worked so hard to make her dreams a reality! Talk about serious mom goals!

On top of being an epic boy-mom, real estate agent and loving friend, Heather is a local fashion guru! She must have a sixth sense that alerts her to new Anthropologie deals at Barr-ee Station in Duck because every time I ask her about an amazing outfit, she tells me about a great deal or local steal! Luckily for me, she blogs about her amazing style and love of travel over at Tailored With Tanlines! I’m still trying to figure out a way to get a few kid free moments with this girl to go shopping with me!

I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet Heather’s beautiful mama while volunteering with Ruthie’s Kitchen. This Outer Banks Mom Spotlight is possibly two-fold because her Mom is a true local treasure and Heather is following right along in her footsteps while she volunteers with the Outer Banks Relief Foundation for Couture by the Shore, year after year! A legacy in the making! Heather’s heart for this community is so big and her immeasurable kindness is a true inspiration to me! Plus, with every home she sells, she donates to! I'm telling you, she has a big BIG heart!

When asked for a little advice for our OBX Vacationers she says, "We are thankful for our vacationers and would love to see all of them treat our island like they would treat their own home so we can keep our beaches clean and beautiful for everyone. Every tiny bit helps! Just be respectful of our beaches by recycling and not littering, including cigarette butts…they count as litter!"

When Heather isn’t finding the perfect home for her clients or with her family on an epic adventure you might find her chasing a sunset or on the beach with her girlfriends! I’m just grateful that our paths crossed on the beach years ago and now I get to call Heather a treasured friend!

Looking to buy or sell on the Outer Banks? Drop this amazing girl-boss a line here! Interested in following a real-life fashion guru- do yourself a favor and check out her blog!

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