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Nomination Day! Outer Banks Mom Spotlight!

I have been having a great time with these Outer Banks Mom Spotlights. They have been read by so many people and I just love that real Outer Banks mamas are lifting up other Outer Banks mamas in the comments and via social media! I want to keep this series going on a regular basis so that we can feature hundreds of mamas that inspire us! I started getting teary eyed when I woke up this morning. My Penny girl graduates Pre-School today and she is completely ecstatic! I decided that in honor of her big day, I would ask her which Outer Banks mom should be featured on her graduation day! She has always been wise beyond her years. She just has an old soul and she thinks so deeply. So, when I asked her which of the local boss-mamas should be featured she left me with an incredible answer. "Why don't you find out what story people need to hear, mama?" And just like that, Nomination Day is here! Nominate an Outer Banks mama for our upcoming Outer Banks Mom Spotlights! Do you know a local mama that works super hard in her role at home and also in a role outside of her home? Maybe she gives back to the community or volunteers to help at a local school. If you know a mama that you want to see get a little bit of credit that she deserves, shoot me an email or a direct message!

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