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When we adopted a local beach access and promised the local SurfRider Foundation that we would keep it clean, we knew we were making a tiny difference on the beach. We didn’t realize that this experience of cleaning up a beach access each week would have such an impact on our family!

From the first beach clean that we participated in, we were shocked to see how much we were able to pick up in just a few short minutes. More surprising though was the amount of beach toys that we found that had been left behind on the beach. We found 6 small beach shovels during our first cleanup and even more the next few times. So of course, we were so excited to find a new ocean friendly beach toy brand that we LOVE and we were quick to ditch our old plastic beach toys. Love Lotte Toys was created by a Dad who had a similar experience to ours. He was finding that the beaches that he visited with his young daughter were often littered with plastic and trash so he set out to create a biodegradable beach toy that wouldn’t leave a mark on the beaches. These toys have quickly become our favorites! We love that they are non-toxic and that they are super sturdy. Unlike the junky stuff that we have been re-buying each year as it breaks, this 4 piece set by Love Lotte is super durable and comes in a great bag with a mesh bottom for easy sand removal! Lulu is actually obsessed with this deep shovel and has to hold it the entire way home from the beach...

We’re stoked to be giving one set of these amazing beach toys away in partnership with Love Lotte Toys!

TWO easy steps to enter!

*First, follow Love Lotte Toys on Instagram.

*Next, comment on our Instagram post and tell us if you are more of a sand or surf person!

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