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Friday Libations

We've been buying peaches on repeat for the past few weeks. It seems that non of us can get enough and they are so delish right now! The other day I stopped at Tarheel Too in Kill Devil Hills before lunch. Read: I was hungry! I ended up buying more peaches even though I knew that our fruit bowl at home was filled to the top! Their selection of fresh produce has been amazing this Summer!

So when it came time for our Friday Libations, I started thinking about peach cocktails that could be created! If you've caught any of our other Friday Libations then you probably know that I've been on a blended drink kick lately! From smoothies to adult beverages, I've been putting the blender to good use!

For this one, you just need a blender! I combined ice and peaches with bubbly prosecco and the result was amazing! Light and refreshing and not too sweet, give this one a try!

1 c. fresh peaches

1 c. ice cubes

Blend together.

3/4 c. champagne or prosecco.

Blend again.

Pour into glass and add a small float of your bubbles of choice. Garnish with a peach or mint sprig!

CHEERS, MAMAS! It's Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with the little ones that you love, ocean breezes and a cold drink at sunset!

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