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I've had a lot of questions around here lately after the launch of Outer Banks Mom on our local media outlet, the Outer Banks Voice. Lots of people have been asking me why I am writing over there now when I've been writing right here on my own site for years. Great question! My hope with this partnership is simple. You see, when I was a first time mom, I was still living at home with my parents and working all of the odd jobs that I could find while I finished school. I was struggling and could never get ahead. For years I worked double shifts for little pay and couldn't figure out how I would ever end the cycle. I'd stress out and pick up extra shifts and turn around and feel like I was finally caught up for just a minute. Then something would happen like a car accident or an unexpected urgent care visit and wham, I'd be right back in the hole. Small things like that would break me both financially and emotionally. Here I am, 14 years later and while I am far from a millionaire and I'm certainly not sitting on a pile of money, I do have this little blog that has a big following and it is my hope that I can use my voice here to raise some money for local moms in need through super-fun events and an amazing product line. We're already working on a few events that will benefit local charities so that when a mom needs a hand up, there's a place for her to go and get a bit of help from an account that is specifically for moms and kids.

We're busy adding products to the shop and prepping to announce some fun events but in the meantime, you can keep following along with Outer Banks Mom and our salty, sand covered life both here and on the Outer Banks Voice! Some of the posts will be cross-posted and you will find them both here and on the Voice. Other posts are specific to our site like Outer Banks Mom Approved and the more personal bits. And of course, some content will only be on the Outer Banks Voice! I'm having fun with all of this and I hope it's a fun place for you to stop by and read about local happenings, current events and our deep gratitude to get to do life here on the Outer Banks!

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