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Mom Breather: Chip's Wine and Beer

I sent out a group text last week asking some of my girlfriends if they wanted to do a “GNO”.

You know, a Girls Night Out!

Since I roll with a pretty incredible crew, I knew they would be up for it.

But when I suggested we go to Chips Wine and Beer in Kill Devil Hills, I got a few perplexed emojis in response because they all thought the same thing.

They all thought that Chip’s was just a store!

I promised them a great time, and I might be tooting my own horn here, but I delivered!

When we first walked into Chip’s, the girls were all surprised how big the shop is.

Aisles of wine and beer stock the store in a organized fashion and Laura greeted us as we walked in for their weekly wine tasting.

She had several different bottles that we could sample. All of them were brand new options for us that we hadn’t had a chance to try before.

The wine tasting at Chip’s is complimentary, and very informal, so you don’t feel pressured to be a wine connoisseur when you sample.

We tasted a few of her recommendations and then we moved over to the bar area to enjoy a glass of wine from their wine dispensing station.

The small but well-appointed bar area is relaxing and private, so we felt comfortable sharing in conversation and laughter.

The wine dispensing machines are one of my favorite features. A quick lesson on how they work and we were good to go.

Offering samples, half glasses and full glasses, we were all able to re-fill our glasses as we wished. These machines work much like a soda dispenser and keep track of what you drink so that you can settle your tab at the end.

We especially loved that they sell cheese in the store and offer a cutting board and knife if you want to pair it with your glass in the bar! This made for a really affordable night out with some of my favorite ladies!

Since their sister-store, Outer Banks Olive Oil, shares half of the space with the bar, we were all drawn to their amazing products and I couldn’t resist bringing some of the hand-bottled oil and vinegar home to try.

I purchased a bottle of their balsamic vinegar and diced some of our late Summer tomatoes to make the most delicious bruschetta.

It paired perfectly with a bottle of red that Laura had recommended to me during our tasting and it made for a great night at home with my husband!

We’ve been cooking up a storm with their delicious oils and vinegars lately, too.

To say that Chip’s was a crowd-pleaser puts it lightly!

Cheers to Girls Night Out!

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