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Outer Banks Mom Approved: Rundown Cafe Hosts Fried Chicken Night

Last week Penny brought home a special report. All year, she has been hoping to earn a special award from her teachers and the look on her face when she got to tell me that she finally received this special report was so sweet. Penny was thrilled that her teachers had recognized her for being a helpful friend and she was proud to hang her award in our craft corner.

Of course, we were so proud of her too! We do our best to give our kids one on one time whenever possible. So I told her to pick a place to eat and we would go out on a special Mother-Daughter date to celebrate her award. One on one time is something that Penny especially loves and often requests so this was the perfect treat for our girl! She was quick to choose the Rundown Cafe in Kitty Hawk! Her big brother confirmed her pick, "good choice, it's fried chicken night!" Penny immediately asked Joey if he wanted to join us on our dinner date! I was equal parts surprised and thrilled that she asked Joey to join us. One of Penny's favorite things about Rundown Cafe is that she gets to feed the beautiful fish in front of the restaurant. She still giggles so hard when they splash around in effort to get to the fish food first. I could watch her belly laugh like that for hours just for the reminder that she is still such a little one even if she is wise beyond her years.

When we sat down inside, our server was friendly and extra sweet to Penny when she heard about her special award. She gave us the details on Fried Chicken Night and we were all sold! Locals Fried Chicken Night is an inexpensive way for folks to have a great experience before the Summer season really heats up. Each Monday night through Memorial Day, you can join the crew at Rundown Cafe for this special. They take a break during the Summer and re-launch Locals Fried Chicken night after Labor Day.

Our meals came out and we could barely hold back to snap a quick photo before digging in. Penny confirmed it with Joey, "I really did make a good choice for my dinner date!" She never misses an opportunity to toot her own horn! ;)

How awesome is it that we have such a fabulous local restaurant that my teenager and kindergartener can agree on? Rundown Cafe simply makes everyone feel welcome! Head over and checkout Fried Chicken Night before Memorial Day week! There's less than 8 weeks until Summer kicks off!

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