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Sunshine Craft: Indigo Beach Blanket

My kids are probably going to look back someday and know that they were raised by a true worry-wart. I am always offering up unsolicited safety advice to my kiddos, but being at the beach requires a little extra information.

I always remind them what color their beach umbrella is and make sure that I have a unique and bright beach blanket for them to run back to.

But hopefully, aside from being a worrier, they will also look back someday and remember that I was always willing to play and create with them. My Penny is always looking for an art project so we craft together often!

This year we used indigo dye to transform a white bed sheet and it’s the perfect beach blanket for picnics. It was just too cute not to share.

This is the kit that we used and it worked great. The instructions were perfect and we were extra happy to have the gloves that are included because this dye is the real deal!

We used a king sized sheet that we retired from our linen closet but you could buy a flat sheet really cheaply, too! This plain white one is huge and would be awesome with a little pop of color!

You will also need a 5 gallon bucket to mix your dye. Indigo is interesting because the mixture is a terrible yellow-green color when it's in the bucket. However, once you dip the fabric and it mixes with oxygen in the air, a reaction occurs and it turns a deep blue color.

We used a pretty traditional bullseye pattern, but we're planning on trying a few more since the kit makes so much dye! I'm certain we will have millions of summer memories (and snacks) on our beach blanket!

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