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With over 20 direct messages on social media a week pertaining to seaglass, I figured it was time to work smarter and not harder! I try so hard to get to all of the direct messages with a real response and not just a generic reply but I get so excited about sharing my seaglass finding tips that I end up spending so much time replying to messages. Why? There is something so therapeutic to me about searching and finding seaglass. Sometimes it's a spiritual place for me. I stroll down the beach and talk to God. I do deep soul work and try to silence any worries or stress. I think this is when I am the most successful in finding seaglass because I let go of everything else.

Other times, looking for seaglass is a connection for my kids and I. With three kids so spread apart in age, it's rare to find an activity that keeps them all interested. My girls absolutely love to search for seaglass and shells together and even as a teenager, Joey still lights up when he finds a piece that he can gift to me.

These are two gifts that I cherish; time with God and connecting with my children. I'm hoping that by sharing my tips below, you can experience one of these gifts too or at the very least, satisfy that deep desire to find a piece of seaglass for yourself!


Search 30 minutes before lowtide and take your time! We google the time of the lowtide in the specific town and make sure we’re there about 30 minutes early so we get first dibs!

Look for shell beds starting to show through the water and plan on walking! You will rarely find it standing still waiting for it to come to you!

Sometimes you can see the seaglass while you walk north, other times it catches my eye while walking south. Retrace your steps.

Train your eye by bringing a piece of seaglass along and putting it in the sand. Walk over it a few times while trying to find it. This helps my eyes adjust to what I’m looking for. Do this with both wet and dry seaglass.

Wet seaglass and dry seaglass look very different. Keep this in mind during your search!

It's a funny thing about seaglass. People are so territorial and they don't want to share where the good shell beds are. For me, it's the exact opposite. I'm happy to share where the getting is good as the shell beds move constantly. It's a beautiful thing when something as simple as treasures from the sea can bring joy to so many different people. Happy hunting!

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