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Fall Resolutions

If you’ve been following along since this time last year then you know that I am not much for New Years Resolutions. I resolve to make life changes in the Fall when I really feel like new routines are born. With the start of a fresh school year, new activities for our kids and getting back into the swing of routines after the Summer, I find it easier to create new goals and routines for myself. I still make New Years intentions but the true resolutions for me happen in the Fall.

This year we’re just a few months away from having a new baby in the mix so many of my resolutions involve baby preparation for our home by making small changes. Other resolutions involve time management and improving my sleeping habits.

For our home, I’m trying to stick to a daily cleaning schedule so that when it’s time for sweet baby #4 to make his or her debut, my house doesn’t feel like it’s in total shambles as I leave for the hospital. Typically, Jason and I spend about 30-40 minutes each Friday evening cleaning our home. Wild and crazy Friday night, eh? My cleaning schedule isn’t anything too impressive but spending 10 minutes each day on a load of laundry saves us from a full day of playing catch-up on laundry over the weekend. Simple additions to my daily routine will hopefully keep me from leaving for the hospital with a house that isn’t ready for my absence. Do you use a daily cleaning schedule in your routine? Share the details in the comments! I could use some inspiration in this department!

Even though we still have 13 weeks before baby joins us, I’m revamping my office so that I have a better workflow. Working from home means that my workplace is pretty much wherever I answer the phone or happen to open my computer each day so by having a more organized office space, I’m hoping to keep my work in the office at least through the off season. This should help with my cleaning too since I won’t have piles of work scattered about the house.

Finally, by implementing some time management into my life I hope to get more rest. My husband and I stay up until midnight or 1:00am nightly. I’m a night owl! I stay up late working but oftentimes we sit on the couch with our TV show paused and talk each others ears off until the wee hours of the morning. While I love our nightly time together, I just know that my daily routine will be better and my overall health will improve with more rest. Maybe we will wake up early and have our long talks over coffee instead… maybe.

What kinds of things do you implement in the Fall?

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