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Black Pelican: Locals specials are something to celebrate

There’s something about the Black Pelican Seafood Co. in Kitty Hawk that calls us through the heavy old door for our special occasions and as a meeting place for our family dinners. We’re quick to invite out of town family and friends to Black Pelican when we have Summertime visitors because it feels like a part of our family.

But during the Summer we are so incredibly busy with work that even something as enjoyable as going out to dinner can feel stressful. During the Summer we’re always trying to squeeze in every last minute of work so when it comes down to the off-season we tend to make up for lost time and enjoy our local restaurants as often as possible. The Black Pelican makes it so easy with tons of off-season specials!

You all have to see these specials to believe them! It just doesn’t get any better than the Black Pelican Locals Specials! Monday- all the pizzas on the menu are only $8.99 - dine in only and no changes or substitutions.

Friday nights- 12oz. prime rib with mashed potatoes and green beans for $12.99 - dine in only.

Local Oyster special every night from 3pm-11pm- 1 dozen steamed oysters for $8.99- dine in only.

We headed out for my annual birthday dinner last week and had the best time. It’s always a special occasion when the stars align and everyone has a clear schedule to get together for dinner out. Of course, the stars never align for everyone to smile for a's lookin' at you little Eloise! ;)

The past few times that we’ve been to the Black Pelican I’ve had a blog reader come up to me and say that they were there because they saw the Black Pelican listed on our Outer Banks Mom Approved list. That seriously warms my heart and I love how many of you are loving the Black Pelican too! You seriously can't go wrong with delicious food, rich local history and fabulous service!

We had a delicious meal. I'm always after the Pecan Crusted Mahi but this fresh salad with local shrimp was too good to be true! The kids loved my birthday dessert but they were sweet enough to save me a bite before they devoured the entire thing!

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