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Holiday 2019 - Shop Local, Shop Small

I've put the skeletons back into the closet where they belong and the rest of our Halloween decorations have been put back into their storage bins, too. As I closed the door behind me I jokingly said, “its time to decorate for Christmas now!” My husband turned and gave me the same look the he has given me at this suggestion for the last 16 years. Truth is, I love Christmas and the beautiful season and if I prepare far ahead of the holiday rush, I find that I have more time to soak in and enjoy the true meaning of the season.

When it comes to holiday gift giving, I struggle to buy the traditional filler items that are found on most bloggers trending lists. To be honest, consumerism during this time of year shatters my soul a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts. I also like receiving gifts. However, buying gifts that are meaningless or offer a short-lived enjoyment just to have more things to unwrap just doesn’t fall in line with my holiday giving. I really try to make every single gift that I give be something meaningful, thoughtful and necessary. This is old news to you if you've been reading along since I posted "Consumable Holiday" back in 2017. I'll be sharing an update to that post for 2019 Holiday soon!

So, what DO I like to gift to loved ones during the holidays? I always start with shopping local! I’ve rounded up a list of some of my top gifts that are made and sold right here on the Outer Banks. All of these would be gifts that I would be so proud to give and honored to receive but most of all, these gifts make a local Outer Banks creative do a little happy dance (much like Penny in the photo above) when you place an order or make a purchase. So if you are shopping for an Outer Banks lover… this list has you covered!

Up a Tree Cup a Tea Co. - These handbags are unbelievably well made by an incredible local artist, mom and educator. Somehow, in her spare time, Johanna Parker manages to hand make gorgeous handbags that boast a little bit of history. Check out her designs via Etsy or you can stop by Sisters Boutique in Manteo to get your hands on one in person!

Mary John Ventre Fine Jewelry - Mary John is an incredible local jeweler who is sure to captivate you the moment you lay eyes on her collection... or her Instagram account. The amount of detail in her work is so amazing and you're going to love every piece that she shares. As a goldsmith, Mary John offers custom creations that you won't find any where else.

CJ Fintel Art - This lovely Corolla artist is going to take your breath away! Her watercolor paintings are perfect depictions of the beautiful landscapes that she paints. I could watch her in-progress posts all day as she paints local beauties like the Currituck Lighthouse and the historical Whalehead Club.

Modern Beach House - Modern Beach House is the best way to take a little bit of your favorite Outer Banks beach house with you when you leave the Outer Banks. If you won't be back until next season, don't fret! Nicole, the owner of Modern Beach House has an online store where you can shop for beautiful blankets, pillows and decor from the comfort of your own home. Curl up this holiday season with a little piece of the Outer Banks.

I promise, no one at Target is going to be as excited as these beautiful local ladies will be when you shop with them this holiday season!

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