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2019 Holiday Guide for Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers holiday lists they either want everything or they are really difficult to shop for. Some years, Joey comes to us with a list of dozens of things. But the last few years he really hasn’t asked for much and I'll tell you one thing, I really don't like gift cards and cash as gifts! I know sometimes they are just trying to save for a larger item but cash and teenagers don't always mix. I always like to have meaningful gift ideas for grandparents and extended family that may want to give the kids a gift too. Joey is a pretty content kid. Give him a soccer ball, a surf board and his bike and he is good to go but this year I’ve done a little digging and I’m super excited about some things that I know he will love! I’m continuing my 2019 gift guides this week with my top gifts for active teenagers! All of these things would be awesome gifts for both girls and boys, even if they aren’t OBX kids!

#1 Anywhere Hammock - One of my favorite things about having a kid that loves being outdoors is that he is often found just relaxing at the beach or soccer field with friends. Relaxation is a lost art if you ask me, especially outdoor relaxation! This hammock is the perfect accessory since it can be tied to so many things to make an awesome place to sit with friends or just catch an afternoon snooze under the pier.

#2 This Water Bottle - I’m constantly asking Joey if he has his water with him. Not just during the Summer months but during the school year too! I love that these Yeti bottles will keep water cold for hours and the easy straw lid makes drinking lots of water easy!

#3Waterproof Speaker - We love the JBL speaker that we use for the beach and out on our deck. JBL is an awesome brand because you can sync multiple speakers together for an extended use at the beach or room to room throughout your home. We love this smaller, rechargeable and waterproof one for teens because it’s not as heavy in their backpacks and can easily be synced up with friends.

#4 Tile Trackers - Last Summer, Joey’s backpack containing cash, his cell phone and his beach gear was stolen from a local pier while he was surfing. I was dumbfounded when I was his SECOND phone call (from his friends phone) because he had first called the police. Hello, grown up kid of mine! His bag turned up a few beach accesses down about an hour later thanks to quick thinking of the local police department who were able to track his phone. He got super lucky! I’m excited about these new Tile stickers that can be placed on multiple items like bikes, surfboard bags and even backpacks!

#5 Waterproof Watch - Often times Joey is in the ocean and loses track of time. Since he has the option of surfing before school or summer commitments, he really needs to be able to keep track of time better while he is out in the water. I’m super excited about this watch because he can submerge it up to 50 feet, the battery can last up to 7 days and at an affordable price, it’s not going to break the bank.

#6 Microfiber Towel - Sometimes the big bulky towels take up his entire backpack. We bought these towels last year as our waterpark towels because they are so much easier to travel with and they dry super fast. I’m excited to add one to our collection for Joey, too.

#7 Seatbelt Cutter/Window Smasher - Because my first baby is going to be a licensed driver this year! One thing about living near the water means LOTS of bridges. I think this little tool is a must in absolutely every single car on the road! You can smash the windows if your power windows go or easily help a child or pet stranded in a hot car and cut seatbelts in seconds…should the need arise, you won’t want to be wishing that you had this little gadget.

#8 Bike Lights - Even after he has a license, I foresee Joey still being a kid that chooses his bike over his car pretty often especially with teenager license curfews. These bike lights are awesome and last so long, keeping bikers safe at night.

I hope this list gives you a few ideas or starting points for the teenager on your list this year!

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