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Sunshine Craft - Holiday Crafts from Kids

Most of you already know that we are BIG on crafting around here. Penny is constantly looking for a new project and she's desperate for her own YouTube channel but for now, she settles for blog features from time to time.

She has been a collector of tiny random objects since she was old enough to understand that her pockets could hold things and she loves to find new ways to repurpose just about anything. Oftentimes this means she has an abundance of homemade crafts and she loves to gift them to everyone and anyone that she loves. This makes giving Grandparent gifts super easy and extra fun for both of us.

This year, our Grandparent holiday gift idea came from our trip to Sanibel Island a few years ago. Penny saw cute little bird frames in a gift shop and she just loved them so we book marked them for a craft for when she was a little bit older since she would need to use a hot glue gun.

On Sunday afternoon we stopped off at the Dollar Tree and grabbed some simple 5x7 frames. We had to remove the glass and dispose of it since the "bird" sticks out a little bit but the frames were perfect. We also bought a white poster board and trimmed it in the same size as the frame by tracing the glass. I did this part for her before disposing of the glass since it was a little bit sharp.

She hot glued one small piece of driftwood (you could use any stick) and a tiny shell to the poster board. Next she glued two pieces of seaglass to the board about 2 inches above the driftwood and used a sharpie to draw two skinny legs and an eyeball!

She is so happy with how these cute little birds turned out and cannot wait to give them as holiday gifts to some of her favorite ladies! :) We both hope that this evokes a fun craft for your kiddos to give during this holiday season!

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