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Rooster's Southern Kitchen - Holiday Hospitality at its Finest

Rooster's Southern Kitchen has become one of our favorite spots for dinner because the food is so delicious. We always feel like we're eating at the table of a cherished family member who prepared a secret family recipe just for us! Every meal is fresh and delicious and we love that Rooster's makes it so easy to dine out with kids, too! But with Christmas fast approaching, I've been on the go just about every day of the week. Rooster's has become my go-to lunch spot while I'm out and about trying to get all of my last minute work and holiday prep completed. Of course, my tiny sidekick is always with me. She basically orders the kids chicken and waffles before the hostess can even get us to the table. We're working on her patience... ;)

When I heard that Roosters offered $10 speedy lunch plates I was so excited. These lunch options are amazing for a quick bite with the kids or meeting my husband for lunch on his short lunch break from work but this week, I've been extra grateful for this special! If you're anything like me, you're trying to squeeze in all of the client luncheons or spend a little bit of time celebrating this special time of year with a sweet friend or family member. It can be so hard to spend time with everyone that you love during the holiday season but with these quick and affordable lunch options, you'll have plenty of time to spend with all of your loved ones! These quick meals were designed for a great lunch break from work, served Monday-Friday from 11am until 3pm but they're also perfect for entertaining the holiday guest that is coming to town just a little bit early this year... You know the one! ;)

These $10 lunch specials are amazing, too! Last week I snuck out with a friend of mine for a quick lunch and we both loved our meals! I tried the Tipsy Chicken and she loved her Soup n' Sandwich combo! The portion size for a $10 lunch was amazing and just a few dollars more than a greasy drive-thru meal... amazing! Just look at these plates! We were in an out and didn't spend a fortune while we caught up on holiday plans, new baby names and her wedding plans. It was the perfect lunch date!

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