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Baby Seals and Frigid Weather

We don't do well with the bitter cold around here and by bitter cold, I mean 45 degrees! The thing about the Outer Banks winters isn't really the temperature... it's the wind! The ocean breeze that is refreshing in the Summer becomes an icy cold wind that can take your breath away. The winter also brings seals to our shores as they come to the sand to rest. This week I was lucky enough to see an adorable baby seal resting in Kitty Hawk. We also had some resting seals in Nags Head and Rodanthe so they were making lots of headlines around town! There is something so amazing about seeing these beautiful creatures in person. It is most important to note that if you have the honor to see a resting seal, you must stay at least 150 feet away so that you don't spook it. Seals can carry herpes and rabies so you absolutely don't want to try to touch it or help it. Just call the Marine Life folks and they will come out! You have to check out this Instagram video of this little guy coming ashore. He was estimated to be 9 weeks old... I'm calling him a he but I was told by a NEST volunteer that they don't know gender at this young age. She also told me that baby seals wean from their mamas around 4-6 weeks and from that point on, they are often on their own! Break my heart, why don't ya! I found this website with lots of great answers because I just can't give the info out fast enough. Anyway, peep this video and photos from my iPhone below. Eloise and I just really wanted to snuggle this pup, especially with how cold it has been. Somebody needs to give this sweet baby a swaddle and a baba, am I right? <3


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