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Just Play.

It's winter on the Outer Banks and y'all.. I am bored! There, I said it. Usually, I love snuggling in and enjoying the downtime with my family. This year is no different in that regard. I love the quietness that takes over the beach and the crisp air that smells like a bonfire. I love love love having extra time to snuggle our littlest baby and having plenty of time to train our puppy to be the best dog ever. I love winter here. But I am desperate for a creative outlet!

This time last year we were gutting our house and had a full crew of contractors and a full HGTV camera crew with us. With all of that, we had projects galore and I felt like every single day I was creating and designing and I loved every second of it. Since I haven't quite convinced Jason to let me start buying more houses to renovate, I am looking for more projects around our home.

Since we lived in our home during our renovation, it was crucial that we kept a space that we could set up a make shift kitchen and living room. Therefore, we kept this one room off of our HGTV tour because it was seriously an episode of Hoarders and since we weren't filming that show, HGTV was kind enough to let us keep our playroom off air! I think our director might have actually enjoyed our crazy room as much as we did. When I tell you this was a crazy room... I'm serious...

(Photo Credit: Our incredible camera man -

We didn't re-do the flooring and we didn't paint at all, so it's time! Since we obviously have a full kitchen now, we are currently using this room as a playroom but it is OUT OF CONTROL. Here is the most embarrassing thing I have ever posted... our playroom at it's current state. I swear, I didn't buy all of these toys... I'm blaming Grandparents here... ;) No JudgeyMcJudgersons, please.

I'm okay with the embarrassment of sharing this room if it holds me accountable for cleaning it up! So, I'm overhauling! You may have seen my Instagram sneak picture. My inspiration for the play room comes straight from our kiddos. We need a space that works for both Joey and his teenager friends and a space that works for our little girls and the abundance of toys! I'm really loving the Pantone color this year, Greenery. It's clean and fresh and can feel both grownup and playful. I love it! Pairing it with a bold black and white stripe and hints of copper, I feel like this is a design that our kids can grow with! Oh, and I've ALWAYS wanted to use the Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint so I plan to use it in this design somewhere!

I'm so excited to be working with a Wayfair Home Improvement Specialist on this project! Seriously, they are SO awesome! Free shipping... even to the Outer Banks! Unreal! Check out my mood board and wish me luck! Are you working on any home projects this winter?

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