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Outer Banks Mom Approved: Barrier Island Bagels

One of our family’s favorite breakfast spots is Barrier Island Bagels in the Southern Shores Marketplace. They were easily added to our Outer Banks Mom Approved list because of the way that they pay special attention to children, offer healthy and delicious options and because they are locally owned! Our kids always look forward to a special weekend trip to B.I.B!

I could go on and on about their amazing bagels and smoothies. I could tell you that our kids crave the açaí bowls and smoothies on a daily basis because they are so delicious and fresh. Barrier Island Bagels is locally famous for bagels like "The Hangover Cure" featuring double bacon, double egg and double cheddar and for their homemade chicken salad. But for a picky eater like me, they always get my customized order just right.

However, I recently found out that they offer an amazing Homeowners Program for folks who rent out their beach houses here on the Outer Banks and I am so impressed by this great idea. When I spoke to Allie, who owns Barrier Island Bagels with her husband, Josh, she was quick to give the credit for the Homeowners Program to Lighthouse Bagels in Corolla. The folks at Lighthouse Bagels mentored Josh and Allie before they opened up their own bagel shop and the Homeowners Program traveled to Southern Shores with them.

There are lots of reasons why I love this program, but the main reason is that it is a way of thanking a guest for choosing to stay with you. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I send out thank you notes and gifts to brides. I know that by offering a small gift, my client feels appreciated. In addition, y’all know that I love our Outer Banks vacationers. Like, I really love them and I am so grateful for them. Without folks who vacation here, my family wouldn’t be able to live here, so heaven knows that I’m all about finding a way to thank them!

On a recent trip to California, my family and I stayed in a few different hotels as we explored over 400 miles of the Pacific coast. We stayed in some boutique hotels and we stayed in some corporate hotels. The main difference between the two was that at the boutique style hotels, we were given gifts and admiration simply for being there. The woman at the front desk was thrilled to see us walk in. The bellhop was joyful to have us on his elevator and by the time we got to our room, we felt like celebrities. In our room was a handwritten note and a bottle of wine inviting us to dinner in the adjoining restaurant. We were also given a bag of popcorn and a few boxes of sweets as they knew we had children with us. We were blown away and we’re already planning another vacation with one of their sister hotels because we truly loved this first class service.

The way we felt when we arrived at our hotel made our long day of traveling with 3 kids melt away. The fact that a local company here on the Outer Banks is offering such an amazing gratitude program is so wonderful! With the Barrier Island Bagels Homeowners Program, homeowners simply call Allie to set up the way that they want to offer bagels to their guests. To insure that the bagels are fresh, Barrier Island Bagels provides a gift certificate for the homeowner or rental manager to place into the house as a nice surprise for guests as they walk into the house. You can even customize your program for the size of house or your specific budget. I think that these little touches make such a huge difference! Kudos to Barrier Island Bagels and their mentors for making this so easy for homeowners to go the extra mile for their guests! Do you know of an awesome local business that shows their gratitude for their customers in a unique way? Shoot me an email so we can feature them!

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