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Outer Banks Hospital Gala 2020

I might sound like a broken record, in fact, I’m certain that I do. But, I really do love the way that the Outer Banks community takes care of each other. For such a little beach town, fundraising season really kicks off in January around here and the amount of money that gets poured into great local organizations is incredible!

On Saturday night, Jason and I dressed up and headed out to the black tie event for the 2020 Outer Banks Hospital Gala. The theme was a "Black and White Affair" to celebrate the 15th year of the gala.

To date, the Outer Banks Hospital Gala has raised about 2.2 million dollars and this weekends event was an incredible success while they exceeded their $55,000 Fund the Mission goal! Absolutely amazing!

The big announcement of the night was the unveiling of their plans to build a 10,000 square foot cancer center right in Nags Head. I know I wasn't the only one blinking away tears as they talked about the importance of this state of the art center by reminding the crowd that we all know someone with cancer or someone who is affected by cancer. This new center will provide a place for cancer patience to receive all of their care without having to go to multiple offices or hospitals.

If you’re going to get me out and about in formal wear just 3 weeks postpartum, it’s going to be for a great cause! I loved accompanying my handsome husband to the gala and it was great to sneak away for a few hours while we had both Grandmas at home with our little ones. I ordered several dresses from Nordstrom and was unimpressed with all of them but a 15 minute trip the day before the gala brought me to this BCBG velour beauty and I absolutely loved this dress. Bonus: it was on the clearance rack! Shopping locally for the win!

The gala was held at Duck Woods Country Club and the venue looked amazing decked out in black and white but the Trademark band that came in from Virginia was absolutely incredible!

I’m telling you, the Little Beach Big Heart mentality is STRONG around here and I’m so grateful to be a small part of it all. Kudos to everyone involved with putting this event together. It was absolutely amazing!

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